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Learn Thai yoga that anyone of all ages can easily start

≪Rusie Dutton Yoga Course≫

ルーシーダットン タイ式ヨガ

The characteristics of Thai yoga (Lucy Dutton) are that it can be easily performed by people of all ages with deep breathing and relaxed and comfortable poses, and it is effective for health, diet and beauty.

In various symptom improvement poses, joint movements are smoothed, leg and hip muscles are strengthened, body strain is corrected, blood circulation and lymphatic flow in the body are promoted, and stiffness and swelling are eliminated.

Furthermore, these actions lead to strengthening of internal organs, and are said to be effective in improving resistance and autoimmunity, as well as relaxing, relieving stress, and dieting.

In authentic Thailand, it is also called a massage method performed by therapists themselves, and these statues are left in Wat Pho, the head of Thai massage, and the hermits who are practicing these are to improve their physical condition. It is a traditional Thai health method called "Sennin Gymnastics", which creates poses.

ストレッチ ルーシーダットン タイ式ヨガ
Rusie Dutton
■ Thai yoga course
* Thai government official certificate can be issued ***
● Thai government official recognition, instructor training course available


Lucy Dutton is Thai yoga.

According to the breathing method, you will learn poses that match the strain of your body and the improvement of various symptoms.


Lucy Dutton, which resembles stretching movements, has many simple poses and is very popular with a wide range of people regardless of age.

It is also recommended for seniors and others to introduce health methods.


■ Course fee / time required

[Text / Writing of completion of our school] * Thai government official completion certificate can be issued *

Course time: 15 hours


1. Regular course: Regular lesson

Tuition fee: 70,000 yen (Continuous course from Monday to Thursday)


2. Short-term intensive special course: Individual lesson (1 person)

Tuition fee: 75,000 yen (one-on-one instruction / selectable date and time)


3. Family / friend discount course: Pair lesson (2 people)

Tuition fee: 65,000 yen per person (* Simultaneous schedule)  

* If you take multiple courses, you will get a 10% discount from the second course.


For those who want to run a classroom or become an instructor

There is also a professional instructor training course.