[Hobby class] Fruit, vegetable, soap carving (sculpture)

Thai carving is one of the traditional Thai crafts.

(Pronounced carving in English and Kessalac in Thai)

Originating from the ritual of the Sukhothai dynasty in Thailand, it is a traditional Thai craft that engraves fruits and vegetables with patterns and characters such as flowers and animals with a single knife.

In recent years, there is also carving using soap and candles as materials that can be created regardless of the season, and it is used for a wide range of purposes and uses. This course is very popular as a personal hobby and also for professional cooks and food coordinators.

野菜 石鹸カービング タイ伝統工芸

Fruit vegetables




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③ご希望のコースを都度、お選びください。(フルーツ、ベジタブルコース または、ソープ(石鹸)コース









③ご希望のコースを都度、お選びください。(フルーツ、ベジタブルコース または、ソープ(石鹸)コース






③ご希望のコースを都度、お選びください。(●フルーツ、ベジタブルコース または、●ソープ(石鹸)コース 

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