■ About taking various massage courses and yoga

[Regarding the attendance schedule]

For the schedule of each course, please use the reservation form and tell us your desired course, attendance style, and desired reservation date and time. (By appointment only)

After adjusting the available dates, we will send you an email with a schedule proposal.

(Refer to the course schedule below for details)


[Regular course] Group or pair lessons (starting from 2 people) that are taken continuously on a fixed schedule from Monday to Thursday

[Short-term intensive special class] Private lessons that you can choose freely, such as night and weekend lessons


Gender-independent / healthy person

[What you need to prepare for the course]

Please cut your ID (driver's license, etc.), writing utensils, surgical gown (skirts are not allowed), and nails short if possible.

* For those who wish to receive a certificate issued by a Thai government official school, a digital photo (explained at the start of the course)

[Payment method for tuition]

Bulk delivery method

≪Payment by cash only≫ * Credit card not accepted

* Please pay at the beginning of the first class.

(* Tax not included; consumption tax is kept separately)

[Change / Cancellation Terms]

If you would like to change the reservation for the course start date, please let us know at least 2 weeks in advance. We will adjust the schedule again.

If you cancel after applying and before the start of the course, 20% of the course fee will be charged as an administrative fee.

Please note that the tuition fee cannot be refunded after the class starts. 

[Tuition fee / discount campaign]

We are currently carrying out a special discount campaign for a limited time


① Step-up discount campaign → Discount rate starts from 5%

◆ For those who take more than one course. (* Implementation course only)

② Pair / couple discount campaign → Discount rate varies for each course

◆ For those who apply for the course at the same time with two or more people

③ Comprehensive set discount campaign → Discount rates such as 10,000 to 35,000 yen discount vary depending on the course

◆ For those who apply as a set at the time of reservation

■ Course schedule

Body Care Massage School Hobby Class


[Regular course ]

◆ Schedule lessons for consecutive classes from Monday to Thursday

Start every Monday

(10:00 to 16:00)

■ Target: Regular lessons / Pair lessons

* <Professional instructor training course / Individual lessons are also available * See>  


● Please take one course from Monday to Thursday (10am to 4pm) in a row.

(It is a schedule that allows you to take classes 24 hours a day in a row)


Consecutive classes from Monday to Thursday 10:00 to 16:00 (6 hours a day, with breaks)


[Example of schedule]

◆ For 18-hour course: Monday-Wednesday / 6 hours (10: 00-16: 00) = 3 days in total

◆ For 24-hour course: Monday-Thursday / 6 hours (10: 00-16: 00) = 4 days in total

◆ For 28-hour course: Monday-Thursday / 6 hours (10: 00-16: 00) + Monday / 4 hours (10: 00-14: 00) = 4.5 days in total  


● Those who take two or more courses in a row can continue to take short-term intensive courses.

* Please contact us at the time of application


★ If the course is offered in a regular class, individual lessons and instructor / professional training lessons can also participate.

* However, please note that the instruction may be a group lesson rather than one-on-one.

チネイザン 腸活 腹部マッサージ 産後ケア マタニティケア ユ―ファイ チネイザン インストラクター養成

[Short-term intensive special course ]

◆ You can freely arrange reservations according to your convenience, including weekends and nights.

You can make a reservation every Monday to Thursday at your favorite day and time

(Advance weekend reservations are also OK!) 

■ Target: Individual (private) lessons / instructors / professional training courses

Weekends and nights can be reserved, and classes can be taken according to your own schedule such as days of the week and hours, so it is suitable for those who have difficulty adjusting the schedule in regular classes such as those who are working or raising children.


≪Free time special class schedule≫

Please apply for one lesson from 3 hours. (Complete reservation system ❖ First-come-first-served basis)

● If you wish to take weekend lessons on regular holidays, please make a reservation in advance and adjust the schedule.

[Example of schedule] : In the case of a 24-hour curriculum

An example of ≪Those who want to acquire in a short period of time≫ 

◆ If you combine night lessons, you can take lessons in a minimum of 3 days (1 day, 8 hours x 3 days).

(* Because it will be a long time, we will proceed with reasonable lessons while including lunch and breaks)  


An example of << people with time restrictions such as working adults >>

◆ Weekday night 3 hours (18: 00-21: 00) x 8 credits = 8 days (in the case of continuous attendance, it can be acquired within 2 weeks)


≪Slowly take a period at your own pace≫

◆ Acquire in advance appointment system according to your own schedule

■ About application

01 /

[Reservation method]

Please make a reservation from the online reservation site below

* Please enter the start date of the course up to the third choice. We will adjust the available dates and reply to you by email later.

* If you want to make a reliable schedule for your desired schedule, we recommend you to make an early reservation.


1. << Send application site >> Please let us know the name of the course, the course, and the desired lesson start date * <Students>

2. << Adjust the schedule according to your wishes >> Reply to the proposal email of the course date * <Our school>

3. << Check the schedule and reply to the reservation confirmation email >> Please check the proposed schedule * <Student>

4. << Information on application completion >> Send detailed information about attendance by e-mail * <Our school>

5. << Start lesson >> Start taking lessons after admission procedures at our school on the day you start taking lessons

02 /

[Request for replying to email] 

* We will try to respond as quickly as possible to your reply, but please note that it may take 1 to 2 days for adjustment.


* In the unlikely event that there is a problem with sending and receiving emails due to mischievous email distribution or communication troubles, if you do not receive a reply from us for 3 days or more, we apologize for the inconvenience, but please resend.

03 /

[About application]

* Please select the desired course name and course (regular, individual, pair) and tell us the desired date and time.

* If you wish to take more than one course, please let us know when you apply as there is a great discount campaign.

* We will propose a schedule according to the wishes of the students.

We may not be able to make a reservation due to the capacity and the schedule of the instructor, but we will definitely support you until the completion after consulting with your desired course schedule.

To apply for the course

Please proceed to the [Online reservation] button

Studio *

Spicy  & Gardens

To apply for a reservation, go to [Online Reservation] below.

マッサージスクール ボディーケア 趣味の教室 カービング タイ古式マッサージ ベビーマッサージ チネイザン - オイルマッサージ ルーシーダットン ヨガ インストラクター 資格 ストレッチ - 講師資格 タイ 産後ケア - 学校

■ Inquiries


After using the application-only site, please send again from this mail form only if you do not receive a reply from our school.

Acquisition and use of personal information

When acquiring or using personal information, I will clarify the purpose of use and comply with laws and regulations. In addition, except for special cases stipulated by law, we will not use it beyond the scope of the purpose of use without the consent of the person.

Disclosure and provision of personal information to third parties

We will not disclose or provide personal information to a third party without the consent of the individual, except in special cases stipulated by law.

Studio * Spicy & Gardens


[Setagaya-ku, Tokyo, Seijo classroom]

(Location) 9-13 Seijo, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo (Details will be provided at the time of reservation)

(Nearest station) 18 minutes walk from Seijo Gakuenmae Station on the Odakyu Line.

Available at Soshigaya-Okura Station, Keio Line Sengawa Station, and Chitose Karasuyama Station.

・ You can also use the Odakyu Bus. Please use "In front of International Student Hall" or "Kurahashi" or "Seijo 9-chome" to use the circulation bus.

* Bicycles will be rented free of charge to those who take the course every day.

Details have been successfully sent!