Professional training / instructor qualification

Information on advantageous promotions

独立支援 サポート 支援プログラム キャンペーン 割引 格安 被災プログラム 被災地 応援プログラム

For those who wish to attend the course living in the area affected by the natural disaster

[Independence support program]

We would like to express our deepest sympathies to all the victims and their bereaved families who suffered damage such as damage to their houses due to the Hokkaido earthquake and heavy rains of typhoons in various places.

We pray for the earliest possible recovery and reconstruction.

Currently, we are offering an independent support program with a 30% discount from the basic tuition fee for applicants living in the disaster area.


* Limited time offer: Until the end of October 2021

ルーシーダットン タイ式ヨガ 資格 インストラクター資格

Advantageous discount campaign ③

■ Target course: [Independence support course] Instructor qualification acquisition program

Lucy Dutton (Thai Yoga) / Lecturer / Instructor Course

* Limited time offer ▲ 15,000 yen discount campaign

割引キャンペーン お得 値引き 格安 割引 入会キャンペーン 受講キャンペーン 

Advantageous discount campaign ⑥

[Multi-course attendance discount promotion]

■ Target course:

1. Regular course: Regular lesson

2. Short-term intensive special course: individual lessons


* If you take multiple courses, there is a 10% discount on tuition fees from the second course.

* It is possible for those who have completed the course to take another course again.

(* Only for limited courses)

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Advantageous discount campaign ①

■ Target course: [Women-only treatment] Professional training program

Woman Healthcare / Professional Training Course

▲ 35,000 yen discount campaign

[★ Those who have taken a Thai traditional massage course at our school will receive an additional 20,000 yen discount. ⇒ Total 35,000 + 20,000 = ▲ 55,000 yen discount]


Advantageous discount campaign ④

■ Target course: [Independence support course] Instructor qualification acquisition program

Chinazan (Ki Visceral Massage) / Lecturer Course

* Limited time offer ▲ 18,000 yen discount campaign


Lecturer training promotion ⑦

■ [Lecturer training course] For those who have applied for a certificate of completion (actual cost) from a local school in Thailand


● Present ①: [Thailand school] Uniform with school logo

* Available for men and women. The size is S / M / L


≪Target course≫ *

* Thai Traditional Massage Level 1 + 2 (Comprehensive) Teacher Training Course

* Chinazan (Ki visceral therapy) instructor training course

* Lymphatic massage instructor training course

* Baby massage instructor training course

* Lucy Dutton teacher training course


(* Please note that uniforms may not be awarded due to changes in Thai local school regulations.)

マッサージ ボディトリートメント SPA オイルテラピー セラピスト養成

Advantageous discount campaign ②

■ Target course: [SPA therapist] Professional training program

Spa comprehensive / body treatment / professional training course

▲ 35,000 yen discount campaign ❖ It is an attractive set course that you can learn techniques that are not available in a single course.

タイ古式マッサージ チェンマイ ワットポー ストレッチマッサージ 資格

Advantageous discount campaign ⑤

[Set discount promotion]

■ Target course: [Thai traditional massage: combined course]

1. Basic (Wat Po style) course

2. Advanced (Chiang Mai style) course

* In case of simultaneous application or addition, as [Set discount campaign]

We will give you a 20,000 yen discount from the additional course.


Gift promotion ⑦

■ [Limited quantity] A gift will be given to those who take the target course.


● Present ①: [Imported directly from Thailand] Massage pants (Thai style)

* Please choose your favorite color from the stock. The size is free.

≪Target course≫

* Thai Traditional Massage Level 1 + 2 (Comprehensive) Teacher Training Course


● Present ②: [Imported directly from Thailand] Herb (medicinal herb) ball

≪Target course≫

* Chinazan (Ki visceral massage) instructor training course

* Lymphatic massage instructor training course

* Woman care professional training course

● Present ③: [Imported directly from Thailand] Foot acupoint push rod

≪Target course≫

* General course (Thai massage related course)

(* Since the quantity of products ① to ③ is limited, it will end as soon as the stock runs out on a first-come, first-served basis. )