◆ Characteristics of our school ◆

[Thai traditional massage / Spa (SPA) menu / Baby massage / Prenatal / postnatal woman care / Thai yoga etc. technology acquisition school]

Enhancement of after-sales follow-up after graduation

Even if you learn the technology in a short period of time, it is meaningless unless you can put it to practical use.

It is said that "technical ability = amount of practice".

In order to ensure that you acquire the skills, we ask those who wish to review and practice as many times as they like to utilize the treatment model during class and the free time in the classroom.

Please use it to reconfirm new questions and questions and improve your skills.

We also offer employment / opening counseling and consultation regarding study abroad. (Support for studying abroad at our school in Thailand is also possible)

Technology and qualification acquisition courses such as massage, spa, Thai yoga, maternity & postnatal care to baby care

In the limited course you can choose, you can get the certification issued by the Thai government from the local school as well as studying abroad in Thailand while you are in Japan. (* Application required)

The textbooks used are arranged based on the teaching materials actually used in Thailand, and are created in Japanese in more detail, so you can definitely acquire authentic Thai skills and put them into practice while you are in Japan.

You can choose Chiang Mai style / Bangkok style 

We offer two different styles (Bangkok style & Chiang Mai style) that are typical of Thai traditional massage.

From a wide variety of advanced courses, you can choose a course unique to the north, such as Toxen (mallet massage) or Chinazan (air visceral massage).

Please use it as a stand-alone menu or by adding arrangements to develop your own original menu.

Even busy people can acquire reliable technology in a short period of time.

We propose the shortest number of hours that all curriculums can acquire skills even in a short period of time.

For those who have difficulty attending regularly or who want to study intensively in a short period of time, we offer a course schedule that suits your lifestyle from the three types of courses: [Regular], [Private], and [Pair]. You can choose.

[Regular] In the course , continuous attendance from Monday (10 to 16 o'clock * cannot be changed *).

Short-term intensive free time course: [Private] provides a completely private space for only one person with one-on-one guidance. This course is also popular with those who want to take the lessons at their own pace and those who are raising children and wish to take lessons with young children. In addition, even for those who are busy working, we have introduced an appointment system in the morning, afternoon, night, and weekend at your own pace, and you can freely combine them and get them in a short period of time.

[Pair] In the course , we offer a great tuition fee by applying for two people at the same time with friends and family.

Since it is a homely private school, please feel free to contact us in advance for creating a course schedule.

資格取得 タイ チェンマイ バンコク マッサージ インストラクター 資格 取得 修了証 学校 スクール
講師資格 独立 開業 タイマッサージ SPA デトックス 腸活 温活
For those who aim to become instructors and instructors, it is possible to obtain a certificate of completion from a locally issued Thai government accredited school.

By acquiring instructor certification, please realize the opportunity to teach Thai massage etc. not only in Japan but all over the world.

Among the many schools in Thailand, there are few schools that offer instructor price acquisition courses, and it seems that it is difficult to realize your dreams due to various conditions such as language, long-term stay, and associated expenses. ..

We are proposing an environment where you can study in Japanese according to the local curriculum while you are in Japan.

The instructor will be a person who has a certified instructor qualification in Thailand.

At our school, certified instructors who have experience of studying abroad and teaching massage at many regular schools certified by the Thai government will teach you, so you can acquire various techniques of authentic Thailand while you are in Japan. You can have it.

Of course, we will use Japanese textbooks, so please feel free to join us.

We try to give careful guidance according to the pace and level of each student, one person, and each person.

[Thai traditional craft (sculpture) fruit & vegetable, soap carving course]

The lessons are small in number, and we try to give each student very detailed guidance.

It is a class of carving (sculpture) of fruit vegetable & soap (soap) of Thai traditional crafts.


Even in Japan, there are more opportunities to be featured in magazines and TV, and I think many people have seen the work.

Why don't you make an artistic work from your favorite materials with one special knife?


Please feel free to join us as the lessons are reserved in advance and are a small group of cozy classrooms.


The instructor will be a professional course graduate at a local cooking school and carving school in Thailand.

[Thai government accredited schools, "Wat Po", "ITM", "Ong's Thai Massage School", etc., short-term study abroad support system for acquiring qualifications such as culture schools]

Our school is also an official school such as Thailand "OTS".

Our school in Chiang Mai, northern Thailand, heals the hearts of busy modern people in a relaxed flow of time.

You can learn massage techniques in such a natural environment.

One of the attractions of our school is the provision and support of an environment where you can learn massage while jumping out of Japan and healing your mind and body in Chiang Mai, the ancient capital of Thailand.

Of course, we will also support massage schools in other areas (Bangkok, Pattaya, etc.), Thai cooking schools, various culture schools, etc., so please feel free to contact us.

​Salon introduction of our students

Introducing the salons of students who started their own businesses after completing the course.

We would appreciate it if you could drop by.

Thank you for your support.